IHS UK LTD is a Sheffield-based bespoke engineering provider servicing a multitude of different construction industries. We specialize in the integration of Manufacturing, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electrical systems and Bespoke software meaning we can offer a full turnkey service from one factory. No need to outsource your project to multiple different suppliers; a building contractor, electrical contractor and so on. As one of the best construction companies in the UK, we take you through the process of vehicle manufacture, and bring all of your ideas to life.

The Traditional Approach

Sometimes the solution you require can’t simply be bought ‘off the shelf’. The traditional approach to commercial vehicle manufacture has been to sub-contract different stages of the design and build processes. This is a complicated process and means you have to liaise with hydraulics suppliers, electronics supplier, pneumatics suppliers, Manufacturers and so on. There must be a better way?

The IHS Approach

It’s simple! The customer comes to IHS who build the whole thing from start to finish. Taking you through the vehicle manufacture and machinery servicing process seamlessly, we ensure that all of your hydraulic, pneumatic, fabrication and electrical needs are taken care of. Manufacturing, engineering and construction made simple. IHS is the company for all of your bespoke engineering needs. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke engineering or bespoke fabrication solution, IHS is your one-stop answer.