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Due to consistent supplier issues, our customer in Leicestershire decided to purchase our stock 15.8 ALS PTO Liquid Screed machine. When your supplier can’t commit to your needs, the only option left is an Overmat machine. The job in the video below perfectly encapsulates the need for your own supply, it was a 100m³, our customer was told by his supplier that this job would take 4 days! That’s 4 days of hotel stays, fuel travelling to and from site, meals, and everything else that goes with it. It simply isn’t good enough! With an Overmat liquid screed machine, this job was completed in 1 day, ahead of schedule and well within budget.

25m³ poured by 11am!

We were present on site for this pour to give any assistance we could – but we really weren’t needed, these machines are just THAT good. We witnessed over 30m³ poured and it went like clockwork. When you are taking on jobs of this nature, you need to be certain that you have the service backup to go with it, IHS UK LTD offer this in spades, with our fully stocked spares  our service team can be with you on a same day/next day service