Batched on site equipment refers to specialist machinery that is used to administer materials on site. This most commonly refers to Mobile Batching Plants (MBPs). MBP machines come in a variety of specifications but their fundamental distinguishing characteristic is their ability to batch products such as screed, foam, ‘trench fill’, concrete, ‘cold tarmac’ and mortar on demand at the point of delivery.

Integrated Hydraulic Solutions currently works with a number of Batched on Site companies including Mixamate, the UK’s leading provider of mix on site concrete and screed, to provide the hydraulics behind this machinery. One such example is the unique all-in-one concrete pumping machine. These unique vehicles are capable of the all-in-one delivery, mixing, and pumping of concrete from a single unit, and IHS provides the hydraulic machinery required to power that process. Many people think of hydraulic circuits as being used only to power cherry picker and crane technology, but Batched on Site equipment is an example of where more sophisticated processes are controlled and carried out by this sort of circuit.

“Can't beat a fantastic piece of engineering so check out these 5 axle rigids. Fitted with our FM cab with a 410bhp engine with a few optional extras for our customer, the kit on the back is a wonderful piece of engineering. We have supplied plenty of these over the years and we have a few more left this year - you can’t appreciate the level of engineering until you see it in person!”
— Jonathan Kerr, Volvo