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The Customer

Mixamate is the country’s leading provider of mix on site concrete and screed, offering batching plant standard mixes in a handy mix on-site service. Their all-in-one Concrete Pumping Trucks and Screed Pumping Trucks provide the delivery, mixing, and pumping of materials from a single vehicle – meaning you don’t need to hire a separate concrete pump or screed pump anymore. With Mixamate you only pay for what you take, therefore there is no waste. In addition to concrete pumping and screed pumping, Mixamate also offers more traditional forms of delivery including, mini-dumper, straight pour and barrowing.

Mixamate Logo

The Challenge

The challenge for Mixamate was to change the UK concrete and screed market by having all the functions of mixing, batching, delivering, and pumping from one vehicle rather than two! The brief from Mixamate to IHS was to remove the guesswork out of traditional volumetric deliveries and to improve the reputation and perception of the “mix on site sector” through delivering a high quality, great value range of concrete and screed delivery solutions.

2 machines for mix+pump

Traditional way of mixing and pumping concrete - 2 machines, 2 operators.


IHS designed and manufactured the unique fleet of Conqueror trucks meaning Mixamate can deliver, mix and pump concrete and screed from one vehicle. Each machine within the Mixamate fleet contains an on-board computer that mathematically calculates the mixing process, providing a fully auditable and detailed quality control process.

Mixamate Truck

New way of mixing and pumping concrete - 1 machine, 1 operator

The Benefits

• Mixamate is now the largest – and exclusive – provider of concrete and screed All-In-One vehicles in the UK.

• Mixamate has thousands of loyal and satisfied customers who utilise the Mixamate All-In-One vehicles for their concrete and screed needs.

• Mixamate all-in-one pump trucks provide all the benefits associated with mix-on-site concrete, but without any of the limitations of traditional volumetric trucks.

• Customers of Mixamate only need one vehicle so there is no need to hire an additional concrete or screed pump.

• We provide lightweight and flexible hoses that connect directly to the mixer and enable us to access hard to reach foundations and work spaces.

• Our pumps also don’t require cleaning out on site, so our drivers will always leave the site as clean as they found it.

• Customers only pay for what they use – there is no waste or extra cost for concrete.

• Being able to mix and pump concrete or liquid screed on-site with just one truck means that customers can get the job done quicker.

• Mixamate provide a higher quality end result for your project by using the onboard computer integrated by the IHS team, to calculate the perfect mix.

• It’s called an all-in-one truck for a reason: you only need one to do the job. One truck, one driver, and one journey. This means less cost, less time wasted and less carbon emissions.


“We are delighted with the partnership between IHS and Mixamate. The fantastic team designed a unique engineering solution that enables Mixamate to deliver, mix and pump concrete or screed from one vehicle. “ Mixamate now has a unique fleet of 25 specially built “Conqueror” trucks and is the leading provider of mix on site concrete and screed in the UK. (Chris Smith, Owner Mixamate)

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