Hydraulic Integration

When you require the muscle of hydraulics but precise intricate control, then hydraulic integration is required.

I.H.S. brings together electronics and hydraulics to provide the best of both, creating a machine or system that can form a fully automated or a semi automated machine. Most machines that have hydraulic processes have hydraulic integration in various forms from a simple electrical joystick control to a fully automated GPS driven tracked vehicle.

In today’s industries precise control, reliability and efficiency is reliant on integration whether it be electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic. Integrated hydraulic solutions was set up to provide all these solutions under one roof, after years of meeting customers that required hydraulic control in their process/system, but would have to go to a hydraulic provider and then on to an automation house (electrical panel builder) which increased the time taken to produce their end product / system and also doubling the costs.

Integrated hydraulic solutions simplifies this process by keeping it all under one roof thus reducing time to produce and costs.