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IHS UK LTD are pleased to announce that we are the only distributors for Overmat!

Overmat’s mission is to supply simple and reliable equipment to building contractors and construction companies who lay concrete floors and screeds on site, allowing them to operate in an efficient and profitable manner. Working with Overmat, we will save you precious time, enabling you to operate with simplicity, with an automatic screed machine. In the most complex of building contractor jobs, Overmat allows you to maintain an organised construction worksite and a clean environment.

Overmat has become a key player in the research and development of solutions for improving construction, manufacturing and engineering industry operations. Our systems enable the precise, efficient and rapid manufacturing of the widest range of materials required for the floor finishes needed on construction sites, whether they be base slabs or screeds for flooring.

The Overmat business unit emerged from a specialization developed within the Ormet group in the late 1990s, establishing itself internationally in just a few years. Its business activities cover the design, production and sales of mixing and pumping machinery for screeds and lightweight slabs, as well as equipment for the logistics requirements of modern construction worksites.