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More innovation, more growth

In fact, Overmat represents the evolution of the current business model because it provides highly technological and autonomous machines and tools that make automated production at the operator’s service.

Innovative processes and concrete advantages that become synonymous with growth for the company.

Simplified logistics and greater profit

Reduction of construction site costs
Thanks to the use of loose materials, stored in the specific compartments of the machine.

No waste
The material is perfectly dosed and what is not used remains inside the machine, ready to be used on the next site. You therefore have no waste or packaging to dispose of.

Non-stop work
You can work even in bad weather, the materials are protected from atmospheric agents

Less effort for the operator
Pumping mixing takes place continuously and automatically. Your presence on the machine is not necessary, the entire work cycle is managed from the ground by radio control.

Agility and compactness
You can operate on multiple sites throughout the day. Compared to the so-called “traditional” working methods, the construction site is completed in half the time.


Projects, construction and assembly are carried out exclusively by Overmat technicians and staff. This guarantees maximum control and safety in every step. The last tests before delivery are carried out by the same technicians who train your operators.
All systems are safe and the hydraulic system used for each drive eliminates electrical risk, as well as providing a powerful and reliable vehicle.


Thanks to our intuitive technologies, the operator is no longer required to manually prepare the dough or manually load the materials. This translates into a better quality of work and an important time optimisation.

We are the only ones to have introduced the analysis of the humidity of the sand: this allows the automatic revision of the quantities of water to be added, without the need for the intervention of an operator.

Through this system, the computer automatically corrects the amount of water at each load, based on the humidity of the sand, thus creating a homogeneous final product without having to change the recipe.


The complete automation of the mixing process makes it possible to significantly reduce the time required for carrying out work on construction sites. Both the machines of the ALS series and those of the A / EPS series are equipped with a secondary mixer for which the pumping tank also serves as a mixer. This causes a decrease in mixing times, with a consequent decrease in work cycles and an increase in production.

The speed and efficiency also and above all concern the after-sales service, which also guarantees the shipment of spare parts within 24 hours.

Tailor-made solutions

We always study the best solution for each need. Each project is in fact created starting from a preliminary analysis made directly by the technicians on the construction site. Once the needs and requirements of the customer have been defined, the most suitable machinery is first identified and then configured.

The personalized service also continues during the operational phase to allow the machine to work at full capacity without any hitch.


Overmat technology, completely Made in Italy, has allowed us to innovate the way of working in the construction sector in terms of time, quality and service. Through the practical and simple multilingual software interface, the whole process becomes truly within everyone’s reach.

Our software allows, in fact: the management and archiving of 40 recipes; the ability to password protect recipes; the selection of the order of loading of the materials; the simultaneous loading of some materials; the choice of mixing times; the choice of mixing speed for each mixer; integrated diagnostics; on-line assistance via the internet.

Shorter vehicles

Thanks to the lifting barrel (T Series), the pumping mixer (A Series and ALS) and the tilting sides for the sand silos (ALS Series), we are able to provide a more compact vehicle than the competition. Overmat implants are therefore shorter for the same volume and with greater capacity for the same length.