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Overmat A/EPS

To produce pre-mixed self-levelling screeds and lightened substrates

An OVERMAT A / EPS series system allows the production of lightened substrates and pre- mixed self-leveling screeds with great precision and ease.

The plant is fully automated. Thanks to its versatility, it allows the operator to produce insulating mixtures with 100% foam (without inert) up to mixtures with 100% light inert (without foam), with all the intermediate possibilities.

Thanks to the double rear mixing tank, the plant doses all the components in the first mixer. It then homogenizes them in the second mixer and adds foam to the third (static) mixer , when required.

The whole process is continuously monitored by the on-board computer, for constant quality, through a series of closed-loop controls. All the working parameters are set by computer and are constantly measured and corrected in real time. To guarantee a product consistency that is unparalleled.

By storing each single load carried out, it is possible to certify the work carried out. All this according to the requests of the most demanding and prepared clients and to make the stored data available on a web archive.

Optional Extras:

  • Binder Silos Level Sensor
  • Premixer on Load Cells
  • Adjustable Mobile Bulkhead with Sand Compartment
  • Automatic Greasing
  • Light Aggregate Dispenser
  • Gel/Paste Dispenser
  • Polymer Fibre Dispenser – Timed
  • Powder Additive Dispenser
  • Electricity Generator
  • Motorized Water Pipe Reeler
  • Up to 4 Dispensers for Liquid Additives equipped with Flow Sensors
  • Aluminium Side Doors
  • Pneumatic Refilling system for Binder Silos
  • Reversing Camera
  • Additional Water Tank
  • “Polar” Version
  • Wash Water Tank
  • GPS Locator

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