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Construction and sale of automatic systems for the production of screeds and substrates for the building industry.

Research and Consultancy

Listening to customers needs is a fundamental phase of Overmat’s work. Only careful preliminary advice, made by technicians who are on site every day, can provide the best indications for choosing simple and reliable equipment with the best performance. The preliminary study allows not only to identify the system that best suits the customers needs, but also to configure it appropriately according to your real needs, without waste and without any future development. We are convinced that to excel it is essential to anticipate trends, always aiming to face the challenges that are posed to us directly and effectively. For this reason, Overmat is broadening its horizons, proposing itself as an innovative and dynamic partner able to provide not only products, but solutions. In the modern construction side, cleanliness, effectiveness and respect for times are required. Overmat equipment allows us to fully respond to these requests, ensuring the best logistics can be achieved.

Overmat - Research and Consultancy
Overmat - Certified Quality

Certified Quality

Overmat operate under ISO 9001:2008, certified by the DNV-GL Body. Overmat systems are manufactured in compliance with European regulations, including the machinery directive 2006/42/EC and are provided with the CE marking for operator safety. The thermal engines used comply with the regulations for the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere and can be equipped with a particulate filter. Vehicles powered by gas or hybrid make it possible to operate in urban areas which are otherwise closed to the usual construction site equipment. The fittings on trucks and semi trailers are supplied complete with a calculation report suitable for road homologation for any nation.

Commissioning and Training for Use

Overmat have a large demonstration area, where each machine is tested before delivery. Furthermore, upon request, it is possible to carry out specific tests with materials supplied by the customer. Training in the use of the system is an integral part of the supply, both in their test area and during startup on site. Our specialized technicians will help you during the first phases of use of the machine and will be available for any questions that arise.

Overmat - Commissioning and Training for Use
Overmat - After Sale Service

After Sale Service

IHS UK LTD will support you throughout the life cycle of the machine, ready to offer you advice and information aimed ay achieving the maximum performance of your Overmat system. We are aware of the importance of after sales service that supplies the spare parts in a short time; for this reason we keep out warehouse stocked ready to supply to you, the customer.

Operational Flexibility

Operational flexibility is one of the distinctive elements to excel in a competitive market like the current one. You Overmat system, thanks to a dynamic operator interface, allows you to set all the working parameters in a simple and intuitive way; not only the mixing times of the products, but also the order of introduction and working speeds. Once the cycle has started, you operator will be able to manage the system using the radio control, thus remaining concentrated on laying the pumped material.

Overmat - Operational Flexibility