For those looking for specialist parts and tailored solutions, we offer completely customisable components. Unique machinery can be created to suit your individual needs, and custom hydraulics circuits integrated into existing machinery. This allows us to develop unique solutions for Clients, advancing their existing machinery to incorporate new technologies with unique capabilities.

If we can’t find the right part to suit your requirement, then we have the capability to manufacture it directly here on site. And with more than 20 years’ experience between them, our dedicated team has a wealth of knowledge in being able shape new parts to not only fit but also improve existing circuitry. 

A hydraulic system comprising an interconnected set of discrete components that transport liquid requires a very specific, very accurate set of parts. Each component is managed down to the finest detail.  

However, it is not enough for this mathematics to work on paper, for the machinery to be successful in practice Integrated Hydraulic Solutions knows that we need to make minor adjustments to the finished product to ensure real world success. This is the level of care and dedication that we provide to our Clients, and that is reflected in each and every part we put into the circuit.