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The chassis in the picture isn’t new, when we fitted our brand new Single Belt to it, it was 4 years old! Originally a tipper, it now has a new lease of life. The push to get tippers off-site has forced a lot of companies to start buying these single belt bodies, but we understand you can’t buy a brand new chassis for every new build – and that’s absolutely fine. Bring your old truck to us, we will remove the old body, and replace it with whatever you can dream of!

Single belt discharge conveyor truck

A rebodied Scania with a brand new IHS UK LTD Single Belt Discharge Conveyor body



We refurb the tugboats used by CRT on the inland waterways. We meticulously strip these boats, any badly worn or unrepairable components are identified and replaced, we add extra crash guards, repair cracked welds and any unsalvageable panels – even the weedhatch gets replaced. The scissorlifts that power the wheelhouse are removed and tested, repaired or replaced if necessary. It’s sometimes hard to believe that it is the same boat leaving the factory!


Refurbs aren’t just limited to boats or trucks of course, IHS UK LTD will refurb any machinery you have!


Any truck, any machine, we will retrofit it with whatever you need to make the job easier, safer and more cost effective.

Did you know, for a concrete pump truck to be registered as a “Mobile Pumping Vehicle” pump it needs to be fitted with a boom? without a boom, the truck would need to be registered as a HGV. By having the truck registered as a mobile pumping vehicle, you don’t need an operator’s license and anybody on any standard car license is able to drive it. While it costs more in the beginning to have a boom fitted, the savings down the line make it more than worth it!

A valued customer of ours asked us to retrofit a boom to their pump truck. Not a problem here at IHS, we managed to source, fit and commission a boom on this truck in just 4 days, ready for our customer’s big pour on day 5.



IHS UK LTD are proud to announce we are now offering servicing and repairs to all makes and models of liquid screed trucks thanks to our partnership with overmat. Thanks to our wealth of experience in engineering and our rigorous attention to detail, you can rest assured that your truck is in safe hands. We will methodically diagnose and fix any problem that arises with your equipment, we also aim for a same day turnaround where possible, meaning your truck won’t be off the road for and extended period of time. We understand how downtime can negatively affect your business and will work hard to ensure that downtime is minimised as much as possible. IHS UK LTD aren’t competitor obsessed, we are customer obsessed. We will go above and beyond to ensure our customers are happy with the work we have produced for them and we pride ourselves in never losing a customer once they’re on board. If you’re tired of waiting for a call back or talking to people who don’t understand your problem, give us a call or email us and a member of our team will be on hand to help!