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IHS have just been commissioned to supply our first hooklift truck to a prestigious client in Sheffield. This particular customer was buying the hooklift for a milestone anniversary and wanted this truck to be his flagship, to really stand out from the crowd, we definitely believe that this was achieved!

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The gloss back body contrasts with the gold cab beautifully creating a truly one of a kind hooklift that you wont see anywhere else. IHS did the bespoke build of this hooklift and did all the fitment and finishing works ready for it’s IVA, which it passed with flying colours. The attention to detail shown by IHS staff has really shone through on this project. The truck has now gone for it’s PDI and will be delivered to a very excited customer in the coming days. You don’t get better service than that!

The hooklift is operated by a control system mounted to the body as well as a system that is mounted in cab. Mounting this in the cab was challenging, as there was no way of mounting it in the dashboard of the vehicle, however, we always find a solution! We 3D printed a housing that was bolted directly to the inside of the vehicle, more than substantial enough to take everyday use. We have also put QR codes next to both control points, allowing for quick and easy access to the Operations & Maintenance manual. It’s the little things that count!

The hooklift has been manufactured in such a way that it is as light as it could be made, which in turn gives you a higher payload! The maintenance of this machine as as minimal as possible by design, almost exclusively limited to the lubrication of moving parts. The hook and rollers are made from cast iron, giving them an excellent wear resistance, prolonging the service time of the vehicle. The hooklift has been manufactured to comply with all current safety regulations so you can rest assured that you have the safest vehicle you could possibly have.

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