Hydraulic Integration
When you require the muscle of hydraulics but precise intricate control, then hydraulic integration is required. IHS brings together electronics and hydraulics to provide the best of both, creating a machine or system that can form a fully automated or a semi automated machine. Most machines that have hydraulic processes have hydraulic integration in various forms from a simple electrical joystick control to a fully automated GPS driven tracked vehicle.

In today’s industries precise control, reliability and efficiency is reliant on integration whether it be electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic. Integrated hydraulic solutions was set up to provide all these solutions under one roof, after years of meeting customers that required hydraulic control in their process/system, but would have to go to a hydraulic provider and then on to an automation house (electrical panel builder) which increased the time taken to produce their end product / system and also doubling the costs. Integrated hydraulic solutions simplifies this process by keeping it all under one roof thus reducing time to produce and costs.

 Batched on Site Equipment
Batched on site equipment refers to specialist machinery that is used to administer materials on site. This most commonly refers to Mobile Batching Plants (MBPs). MBP machines come in a variety of specifications but their fundamental distinguishing characteristic is their ability to batch products such as screed, foam, ‘trench fill’, concrete, ‘cold tarmac’ and mortar on demand at the point of delivery.

Integrated Hydraulic Solutions currently works with a number of Batched on Site companies including Mixamate, the UK’s leading provider of mix on site concrete and screed, to provide the hydraulics behind this machinery. One such example is the unique all-in-one concrete pumping machine. These unique vehicles are capable of the all-in-one delivery, mixing, and pumping of concrete from a single unit, and IHS provides the hydraulic machinery required to power that process. Many people think of hydraulic circuits as being used only to power cherry picker and crane technology, but Batched on Site equipment is an example of where more sophisticated processes are controlled and carried out by this sort of circuit.

Hydraulic Equipment & Services
Our products and machinery solutions are at the cutting edge of hydraulic technology. In addition one area we also pride ourselves on being head and shoulders above the competition on is our service record. The IHS service solution is second to none, providing dedicated tailored solutions and aftercare. We can come to your site to work on machinery directly, and also offer a rigorous and on-going testing service.   

New technologies and new integration methods are being introduced all the time, and as a leader in the industry IHS is pioneering many of these methods. In order to stay up to date with the latest technologies, we help keep our Client’s informed and encourage them to evolve their machinery offering on a regular basis to make continuous improvements. Those who take our unique hydraulic equipment also benefit from our extensive service solutions, and through our on-going service aftercare can be assured of and ever dedicated, ever proactive support team.

For those looking for specialist parts and tailored solutions, we offer completely customisable components. Unique machinery can be created to suit your individual needs, and custom hydraulics circuits integrated into existing machinery. This allows us to develop unique solutions for Clients, advancing their existing machinery to incorporate new technologies with unique capabilities. If we can’t find the right part to suit your requirement, then we have the capability to manufacture it directly here on site. And with more than 20 years’ experience between them, our dedicated team has a wealth of knowledge in being able shape new parts to not only fit but also improve existing circuitry. 

A hydraulic system comprising an interconnected set of discrete components that transport liquid requires a very specific, very accurate set of parts. Each component is managed down to the finest detail. However, it is not enough for this mathematics to work on paper, for the machinery to be successful in practice Integrated Hydraulic Solutions knows that we need to make minor adjustments to the finished product to ensure real world success. This is the level of care and dedication that we provide to our Clients, and that is reflected in each and every part we put into the circuit.

“Can't beat a fantastic piece of engineering so check out these 5 axle rigids. Fitted with our FM cab with a 410bhp engine with a few optional extras for our customer, the kit on the back is a wonderful piece of engineering. We have supplied plenty of these of the years and we have a few more left this year - you can’t appreciate the level of engineering until you see it in person!”
— Jonathan Kerr, Volvo