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We are international specialists in concrete machinery, with machinery in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Jamaica and beyond. IHS UK LTD know the importance of mixing solid, reliable and repeatable concrete to exacting standards and our machines do just that! The Mixamate Conqueror (which is available as both mobile and static) is one of the only machines available that will mix and pump concrete in one continuous process. A differentiator for mobile concrete mixers is that materials are mixed on site so the mix is fresh and hasn’t begun setting up or is rejected because of being late to a job site. Materials are thoroughly mixed in the batch process to secure high-quality concrete in the exact amount needed. Concrete produced buy our mobile concrete mixers meets standards established by EN-206 as well as most local European requirements. The built-in pump is capable of pumping up to 80m depending upon the concrete mixture. A boom crane can be mounted on the unit to enable pumping across various obstacles or into multi-story buildings. The pump operates off its own hydraulic circuit making it independent of the mixer.

  • Mixamate Conqueror
  • 3.5T Concrete Pump Trailer
  • 7.5T Mini Pump Truck
  • The Monomix
  • The Monomix
  • The Monomix

The Monomix

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. The small hopper is designed to be filled once with sand and aggregate (separately) for 0.25m³, and twice for 0.5m³. The water tank is clearly marked for the differing mixes and there is a sticker advising on the number of cement bags needed. At just 1m high, it is the ideal height to empty cement bags into. When the concrete is mixed and ready to be ejected, the whole unit lifts up on hydraulic cylinders, enough to get a standard wheelbarrow under. Perfect for a small site job. Load it onto the back of your van and away you go! Read this case study, and more, below.