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Storm Eunice can’t stop us! Whatever the weather, you can contact us and we’ll design and build customised machinery to fit your exact requirements. At IHS, we specialise in the integration of manufacturing, hydraulics, pneumatics, and electrical systems, as well as machine maintenance.

Let’s have a look at the equipment in our workshop today and see how they can help expand your business and solve your problems!

Mixamate Concrete Mix and Pump Truck

Conqueror Mix and Pump Concrete

Current truck in build

We are currently building the exquisite Mixamate Concrete Mix and Pump truck, the ‘Conqueror’. Check out the finished product below! This unique fleet of trucks can deliver, mix and pump concrete all from one vehicle.

Concrete Mix and Pump Truck

The finished article

This all-in-one pump truck provides all the benefits associated with mix-on-site concrete without any of the limitations of traditional volumetric trucks. It also provides lightweight and flexible hoses that allow this whole process to be a one man operation. We value our customers and want them to maximise value on their purchase so with this truck, you only pay for what you lay – there is no waste or extra cost.

Single Belt Discharge Conveyor Truck

Single Belt Discharge Conveyor Truck undergoing a routine service by one of our skilled engineers

Single Belt Discharge Conveyor Truck undergoing a routine service by one of our skilled engineers

One of our valued customers brought in their single belt discharge conveyor truck over to the workshop for routine maintenance. This discharge conveyor truck answers all the health and safety issues a conventional tipper truck raises, so you don’t have to worry about that. The hopper has a volume of 13m³ capable of holding up to 19.5t of aggregate that can be emptied in less than 2 minutes! However, this speed is variable, meaning it can be emptied at the precise rate required. The single belt truck also has a load cell system on board, ensuring an accurate weight reading on all surfaces, the weight can be monitored in-cab with the use of a single din unit which will alarm the driver if they are overloaded. Check out this video of this truck in action.

Call us today at 01909 569 680 or email us at design@ihsukltd.com. We are social, follow us on our social media handles @ihsukltd or send us a DM.

We cannot wait to talk with you!

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