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A part of our work at Integrated Hydraulic Solutions Uk Ltd is to listen, understand and proffer bespoke solutions to your problems without expecting you to break the bank. We derive joy knowing that you are satisfied with the product(s) and service(s) rendered to help you complete your projects.

We were especially excited a few months ago when YOVA approached us with their needs.

YOVA is a private Christian therapeutic boarding school in Jamaica established to provide educational and behavioral services to children and young adolescents in a safe and caring environment. They are currently working on a building project and reached out.

The Problem

YOVA embarked on the construction of its new home. This new home includes a dormitory, classroom, kitchen dining area, laundry room, offices, roadways, boundaries wall, and all relevant infrastructure needed in a boarding school. They commenced excavation at the site but needed a cost-effective truck to deliver, mix and pump concrete.

The solution

After a series of consultations with them, we diagnosed their needs and decided to repurpose a Mixamate conveyor truck to a Mix & Pump truck, giving this vehicle a new lease of life.

This specialist truck is engineered to allow for the delivery, mixing, and pumping of concrete from a single vehicle – so no need to hire a separate concrete pump anymore. It will also help reduce transport and labour costs as well as allow the concrete to be pumped directly into the desired location, up to 80m! This truck is the modern alternative to wheelbarrowing and can accommodate a controlled volume of concrete placed per hour.


Can you spot the difference!

Mixamate Conveyor Truck

Be part of this journey!

The truck is at the final stage of build and is scheduled to commence testing next week.

We hope to deliver this truck by late April.

Follow us for an update on this project.

Mixamate Conveyor truck

Mixamate Conveyor truck

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