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We spoke a lot of our first single belt conveyor truck when we first released it, well the word has clearly gotten around that IHS make the best live bottom trucks because we now have customer orders to enable us to start their mass production! It isn’t surprising really, there are some scenarios where a tipper is just impractical, hindered by trees, low cables or even fundamental safety concerns, when this happens you can’t just turn the job away, no, you need to enhance your fleet, and what better way to do it than with the best live bottom truck you can buy?

Our first single belt discharge conveyor truck

The first order on our list is a returning customer, who liked the first truck so much, they’ve decided they need a few more to enhance their fleet! We are actually taking a tipper body off a chassis for them and replacing it with our live bottom system. This is complete “Drive in, Drive out” service, something you don’t really get anywhere else.

  • Tipper Body Waiting To be stripped

  • Tipper and Live Bottom Hopper Next to Each other in IHS Workshop

  • Test fitting the hopper onto the stripped tipper chassis at the IHS workshop

  • The beginning of the single belt conveyors


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