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After the success of our Twin Belt, IHS were commissioned to design and build a single belt truck version. In just 10 weeks, we fully designed and manufactured this truck for our prestigious client in the north west, acting as their design consultants, engineers and building contractor. We have since gone on to do a mass production run.

A discharge conveyor truck answers all of the health and safety issues that a conventional tipper truck raises. This bespoke engineering process required innovative thinking and the most reliable of construction companies to complete. IHS was the answer.

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The hopper has a volume of 13m³ capable of holding 19.5t of aggregate, plenty for our client. The truck can be fully emptied in under 2 minutes; not only that, the speed is variable, meaning it can be emptied at the precise rate required. The conveyor can be operated in both forward and reverse. All aspects of the truck can be controlled remotely by use of a radio controller. See the video below where we empty 1000kgs of aggregate, the conveyor was set to a slow speed to ensure we didn’t overfill the bags while testing.

The single belt truck has a load cell system on board, ensuring an accurate weight reading on all surfaces, the weight is monitored in-cab by use of a single din unit which will alarm the driver if they are overloaded. This was one of those bespoke engineering jobs that made construction easy.

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PVG and electrical cupboard are stored in their own dedicated lockable cupboard that is integrated into the body of the single belt truck. There is also a large empty lockable cupboard on the other side of the truck for the operator’s tools or any other miscellaneous equipment that they may need to carry. The hopper is well sealed so nothing but aggregate will go to its intended target. One construction need for the single belt truck was suitability for tarmac. We insulated the truck to 230°C to allow for this. In addition, it can easily be used for anything else, hot or cold.

The single belt truck is equipped with a top quality mesh cover fitted ensuring no rubble can fall out from over the top of the hopper, and it can be operated from inside the cab. You can see a demonstration of this in the video at the bottom of the page.

Another construction need for this project was an auto-feed system. This particular single belt truck has a chipper latched onto the back so that when the chipper is full, the auto-feed system will stop the conveyor from running. When the chipper is empty, it will start the conveyor again. See the video and pictures below for this.

Finally, there are QR codes both in the cab and in the PVG/Electrical cupboard integrated into the body. If the O&M manual is ever misplaced, the operator can scan these codes with their phone where they will be redirected to a download page.

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