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We thought we would update you on the mass production run of Single Belt Discharge Conveyor trucks we began at the beginning of the year, the orders just kept flooding in for these class leading trucks! The exceptional build quality and rigorous attention to detail mean that you will receive a truck that you can have every faith in sending out to work for the season with no worries, no fuss and no headaches.

The hopper has a volume of 15m³ and can be fully emptied in under 2 minutes. There are safety catches on the rear door as well as an autofeed arm that will stop the conveyor when the hopper it is feeding into is full. All aspects of the truck can be controlled remotely by use of a radio controller.

There will always be situations where a tipper truck isn’t safe or practical, having just 1 of IHS UK LTD’s live bottom trucks means that you will never have to turn work down again.

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