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The Backstory

A few weeks ago, we wrote about YOVA,  a Christian fellowship who embarked on the construction of its new home. This new home includes a dormitory, classroom, kitchen dining area, laundry room, offices, roadways, boundaries wall, and all relevant infrastructure needed in a boarding school.


The Brief

After excavation of the site, YOVA realised they were not going to be able to cost-effectively built their new home using conventional methods. After a lot of research, they eventually contacted IHS UK LTD, they decided they needed a truck that could mix and pump concrete. They definitely came to the right place!


The Solution

After a series of consultations with YOVA,  we diagnosed their needs and decided to repurpose a Mixamate conveyor truck to a Mix & Pump truck, giving this vehicle a new lease of life. This specialist truck is engineered to allow for the delivery, mixing, and pumping of concrete from a single vehicle – so no need to hire a separate concrete pump anymore. It will also help reduce transport and labour costs as well as allow the concrete to be pumped directly into the desired location, up to 80m! This truck is the modern alternative to wheelbarrowing and can accommodate a controlled volume of concrete placed per hour.


The Progress

We’re happy to report that that truck was completed on time and is now sat at the Southampton docks, awaiting voyage to its new home in Jamaica for a very excited customer. This has been a fantastic effort by the whole team at IHS to turn around a job in a matter of weeks.

  • Truck Ready to go to Jamaica

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