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Concrete Expo | London ExCel | CE211 & CE240| 3-4th May

Concrete Show | NEC Birmingham | Stand 57 & OS82 | 5-6th May


7.5T Mini Pump Truck | Stand CE211 | Concrete Expo London

Another IHS UK LTD 7.5T Mini Concrete Pump Truck is nearing completion, the final details to be added but its so close we thought we had to share. This was originally built for a customer who unfortunately had to drop out due to Covid-19, so it has been completed for stock and is FOR SALE NOW!!


A 12 Plate DAF LF 45.160 manual with 80,000 miles, it’s an excellent truck. We’ve utilized the gearbox PTO meaning, unlike many competitors, we have all the power you could ever need.


The tried and tested IHS pump is an excellent piece of equipment. To see the pump in action click here. The maximum pumping output is 50m³/h. Max Pressure is 20 Bar. There is no need to grease the pump hose internally and there is no vacuum pump required.


A ~0.2m­³ hopper that falls directly into a 4” pipe to the pump inlet, meaning pulling air into the pump is a worry you wont have with an IHS truck. at a height of 1250mm, it is low enough for normal mixers to discharge into.


On the truck are 80m of lightweight rubber hoses, accessible behind the dropside doors. Each hose weighs just 23kg making this truck a true “one man” operation.

£85,000 With Boom | £79,000 No Boom



All-In-One Machine to Mix & Pump Concrete

Special Offer Price for the London ExCel 3-4th May 2022 Stand CE420

£̶̶̶2̶̶̶1̶5̶̶̶,̶̶̶0̶̶̶0̶̶̶0̶̶̶ £165,000

8.5m³ All-in-One Concrete Pump& Mix Trailer

We have slashed the price on our all-in-one batching plant! Mix and pump concrete all from one machine! The mixer carries an on board computer that electronically weighs every ingredient, producing a printed ticket for each batch. This provides a level of consistency that goes far beyond the capabilities of standard volumetric mixers, delivering the most accurate strength of mix in the sector today.

Separate Material Compartments

The mixer carries materials such as sand, cement and coarse aggregates in divided bins mounted on the unit; all bins are top-loaded and the cement bin is a water tight container. Water is also carried on the mixer unit in tanks. For other concrete output requirements or specialty jobs, liquid admixtures such as accelerators, retarders, air entering agents and modified latex are carried in a separate system.


A differentiator for mobile concrete mixers is that materials are mixed on site so the mix is fresh and hasn’t begun setting up or is rejected because of being late to a job site. Materials are thoroughly mixed in the batch process to secure high quality concrete in the exact amount needed. Concrete produced bu our mobile concrete mixers meets standards established by EN-206 as well as most local European requirements.


The built in pump is capable of pumping up to 80m depending upon the concrete mixture. A boom crane mounted on the unit enable pumping across various obstacles or into multi-story buildings. The pump operates off its own hydraulic circuit making it independent of the mixer.

• Unique all-in-one concrete and screed pumping truck provides the delivery, mixing and pumping of concrete from a single vehicle – no need for a separate concrete pump.

• One man operation, the driver and mixer operator is the same person.

• Increase profits by paying less for concrete and having better control over your schedule and employee time.

• Expand the type of concrete applications you can offer as part of your business with one mixer unit or do multiple jobs without having to come back to the plant between jobs.

• Eliminate complaints about shortages and overages by mixing fresh on site in the correct amount.

• Handle short loads, emergencies, late night or weekend jobs with a mixer that is flexible and can be used for any size job on short notice.



OVERMAT SCREED TRUCKS | Stand OS82 NEC Birmingham | 5-6th May 2022

We are the sole UK distributorship for the Overmat Liquid Screed and EPS systems. We will take care of the sales of these machines, but most importantly the servicing and maintenance from our 20,000 square foot factory in Dinnington, Sheffield.

Is the prospect of having to wait months for spare parts and repairs dissuading you from buying a liquid screed truck? Worry no more, we’re here to help, we stock spare parts in our warehouse and are on hand for any repairs needed when required, our central base in the country means you are never too far away from us.

Mixamate & Overmat

A couple of months ago we wrote about Mixamate’s purchase of an Overmat Liquid Screed Truck. Here is the update! Look at the pictures below of this class leading truck in build! The only liquid screed truck with collapsible sides meaning sand will never get stuck in the hopper, meaning all of your aggregate will be available, every time! (patented).

Overmat has become a key player in the research and development of solutions for improving construction industry operations. Their systems enable the precise, efficient and rapid production of the widest range of materials required for the floor finishes needed on construction sites, whether they be base slabs or screeds for flooring. IHS UK LTD will support you throughout the life cycle of the machine, ready to offer you advice and information aimed ay achieving the maximum performance of your Overmat system. We are aware of the importance of after sales service that supplies the spare parts in a short time; for this reason we keep out warehouse stocked ready to supply to you, the customer.

3.5T Mini Pumping Trailer | Stand 57 | NEC Birmingham | 5-6th May

3.5T Concrete Pump Trailer

The towing laws have changed! “If you passed your car driving test from 1 January 1997, you’ll be allowed to tow trailers up to 3,500kg MAM.” This means anybody who has passed their test will be able to tow a trailer up to 3500kg on a standard car license, previously informally known as “Grandad rights”.

Inadvertently, this coincides with the release of our concrete pumping trailer, a 3500kg MAM trailer with its own donkey engine to run our peristaltic line pump, our Concrete Pumping Trailer does everything our Mini Pump Truck does, with fewer overheads, meaning this option would pay for itself quicker than any other new option on the market. We will build on a brand-new trailer ready for you to drive out of our workshop and straight to your first job! Alternatively, if you already have a suitable trailer, we will build on that and operate a drive in – drive out service, you don’t get that anywhere else! Now the trailer test has been scrapped, it is even cheaper to start your concrete pumping business!

Our pumping units are ideal for shuttering as there is significantly less force exerted than traditional units. It is a tried and tested pump, click here to read about jobs that have been completed using this equipment. The pump is capable of pumping through 80-100M of hose, an extremely versatile piece of equipment. The trailer also takes up less room than a standard pump truck, you could park up, unhitch and park your car/truck/van elsewhere if space was tight, the trailer only takes up a standard car space.

| Trailer Bed Length – ≤ 5M | Trailer Bed Width – ≤ 2.15M |

| Hose Length – ≤ 5M |

| Pumping Hose Diameter – 3” (4” Pump) |

| Maximum pumping output – 50m³/h |

| 40 Bar Pressure | No vacuum pump required |

| No need to grease pump hose internally |

| 60M of lightweight flexible rubber hoses (23kg each) |

| Single operator required |