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7.5T Mini Pump Truck

The 7.5T Line Pump is a one of a kind when it comes to vehicle manufacture. The max pumping output is 50m³/h and the maximum pressure is 20 bar. Its hydraulic doors allow the 60m of lightweight hoses (23kg each) to be stored upon them, rather than in the truck bed, allowing for a clear walkway. It’s a simple feat of bespoke engineering, but one that makes construction jobs that much easier.

The hopper is also hydraulic and is easy to maintain. All of this means it is a one person operation. No need for multiple building contractors or construction companies with too many cooks in the kitchen! This vehicle manufacture means there is no need to grease the hose internally, and with a radio-controlled pump, there is no need for a vacuum pump. The truck is 7.5m long and 2.2m wide, a relatively small footprint, it is also 7.5T, meaning it can be driven on a car licence (depending on issue date).

Watch the video below to see just how quick and easy it is to set up the 7.5T mini pump truck.

Hoses on door

Hydraulically operated doors store up to 60m of hoses, keeping them organised and keeping the truck bed as a clear walkway.

Open pipe

An angled pipe and a swing away cover allows for the hopper to be drained more quickly and easily than a conventional construction vehicle, improving the process.

Storage cupboards

Storage cupboards on both sides give a convenient and dedicated place for the operator to put their tools and accessories. A simple piece of manufacturing that makes construction and engineering workers’ lives easier.

Angled hopper

The angled hopper and vibrator allows the concrete to converge easily at the suction pipe, providing an efficient, easy-to-clean manufacturing solution.


The tilting hopper reduces the change out time of pumping tubes and makes maintenance easier by increasing the space needed to access vital components.

Moveable elbow

A movable 90° elbow gives a versatile arrangement for pumping concrete.

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