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Overmat have just launched their revolutionary, one of a kind, All-in-one machine for the production of both Traditional Screed AND Liquid Screed! Are you undecided on which market is right for you? Well now you don’t have to choose, with one machine you can produce traditional and liquid screed! See the self scrolling brochure below.

The Overmat 13.6.3 Twin PTO is the only equipment in the world that is built to produce both Conventional dry screed and liquid screed. It can produce up to 6m³ per hour of dry screed, and up to 8m³ per hour of liquid screed and is designed to fit your standard 4 axle truck. With a body weight of just 7.5T (excluding vehicle weight) it really doesn’t get much lighter, meaning they have truly maximized material capacity.

We are the ONLY UK & Ireland distributor for these revolutionary, class leading machines. Unlike the competition, we have a stocked stores with spare parts for these machines and are always on hand to help when needed. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, as well as our reactiveness, meaning you will never be waiting months for spare parts and you will never have a vehicle off the road for an extended period of time if you buy an Overmat machine from IHS UK LTD.

Buy your new truck today!