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It was announced last week that the law is changing for car drivers towing a trailer! “If you passed your car driving test from 1 January 1997, you’ll be allowed to tow trailers up to 3,500kg MAM when the law changes.” This means anybody who has passed their test, will be able to tow a trailer up to 3500kg on a standard car license, previously informally known as “Grandad rights”.

Inadvertently, this coincides with the release of our concrete pumping trailer, a 3500kg MAM trailer with its own donkey engine to run our peristaltic line pump, our Concrete Pumping Trailer does everything our Mini Pump Truck does, with fewer overheads, meaning this option would pay for itself quicker than any other new option on the market. We will build on a brand-new trailer ready for you to drive out of our workshop and straight to your first job! Alternatively, if you already have a suitable trailer, we will build on that and operate a drive in – drive out service, you don’t get that anywhere else! Now the trailer test has been scrapped, it is even cheaper to start your concrete pumping business!

This trailer is currently in build at our works in Dinnington, Sheffield and will be unveiled at the UK Construction Week, Stand C230 5-7 Oct 2021 at the NEC Birmingham. View the floorplan here.

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Our pumping units are ideal for shuttering as there is significantly less force exerted than traditional units. It is a tried and tested pump, click here to read about jobs that have been completed using this equipment. The pump is capable of pumping through 80-100M of hose, an extremely versatile piece of equipment. The trailer also takes up less room than a standard pump truck, you could park up, unhitch and park your car/truck/van elsewhere if space was tight, the trailer only takes up a standard car space.

| Trailer Bed Length – ≤ 5M | Trailer Bed Width – ≤ 2.15M | Hose Length – ≤ 5M |

| Pumping Hose Diameter – 3” (4” Pump) | Maximum pumping output – 50m³/h |

| 40 Bar Pressure | No vacuum pump required | No need to grease pump hose internally |

| 60M of lightweight flexible rubber hoses (23kg each) | Single operator required |

  • Concrete Pumping Trailer

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UK Construction Week

Don’t forget to visit us at the UK Construction Week, Stand C230 5-7 Oct 2021 at the NEC Birmingham. View the floorplan here.

We don’t just manufacture the concrete pumping trailer, we will be able to guide you through the range of Liquid Screed Overmat trucks of which we are a distributor.

Overmat has become a key player in the research and development of solutions for improving construction industry operations. Our systems enable the precise, efficient and rapid production of the widest range of materials required for the floor finishes needed on construction sites, whether they be base slabs or screeds for flooring.

The Overmat business unit emerged from a specialization developed within the Ormet group in the late 1990s, establishing itself internationally in just a few years. Its business activities cover the design, production and sales of mixing and pumping machinery for screeds and lightweight slabs, as well as equipment for the logistics requirements of modern worksites.


We have a 7.5T mini pump truck FOR SALE NOW. We won’t be exhibiting this at the show but our centrally located UK factory is perfect for a visit!


A 12 Plate DAF LF 45.160 manual with 80,000 miles, it’s an excellent truck. We’ve utilized the gearbox PTO meaning, unlike many competitors, we have all the power you could ever need.


The tried and tested IHS pump is an excellent piece of equipment. To see the pump in action click here. The maximum pumping output is 50m³/h. Max Pressure is 20 Bar. There is no need to grease the pump hose internally and there is no vacuum pump required.


A ~0.2m­³ hopper that falls directly into a 4” pipe to the pump inlet, meaning pulling air into the pump is a worry you wont have with an IHS truck. At a height of 1250mm, it is low enough for normal mixers to discharge into.


On the truck are 80m of lightweight rubber hoses, accessible behind the dropside doors. Each hose weighs just 23kg making this truck a true “one man” operation.


The mass production run of Single Belt Discharge Conveyor trucks we began at the beginning of the year, the orders just kept flooding in for these class leading trucks! The exceptional build quality and rigorous attention to detail mean that you will receive a truck that you can have every faith in sending out to work for the season with no worries, no fuss and no headaches.

The hopper has a volume of 15m³ and can be fully emptied in under 2 minutes. There are safety catches on the rear door as well as an autofeed arm that will stop the conveyor when the hopper it is feeding into is full. All aspects of the truck can be controlled remotely by use of a radio controller.

There will always be situations where a tipper truck isn’t safe or practical, having just 1 of IHS UK LTD’s live bottom trucks means that you will never have to turn work down again

We are on hand to solve any bespoke engineering problem you might face, not just trucks either, we have done boats, retrofits, powerpacks and mini concrete mixers, to name a few.

Get in touch today to discuss your next project or come and visit us, our doors are always open!