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Our 7.5T Line pump is in stock and for sale now with a special Platinum Jubilee Offer of £69,000!*


Unlike our competitors, this unit was fully manufactured in the UK, this means that our dedicated team is always on hand should you need us! No fuss, no waiting, you will always get through to a human who knows about this truck and is able to assist you in any way you need.


Our pump is fully and easily serviceable and requires extremely little maintenance. What is unique to the IHS Line pump is:

• There is no need to grease the pump hose internally

• There is no vacuum pump required

• The inner tube can be replaced in just half a day – a very simple and easy process!


We are fully stocked with spare parts for our pumps, we even have full pumps built up ready to go should the worst happen, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you will have minimal downtime, you literally will not get that from any other pump manufacturer!



A 12 Plate DAF LF 45.160 manual with 80,000 miles, it’s an excellent truck. We’ve utilized the gearbox PTO meaning, unlike many competitors, we have all the power you could ever need.


The tried and tested IHS pump is an excellent piece of equipment. To see the pump in action click here. The maximum pumping output is 50m³/h. Max Pressure is 20 Bar. There is no need to grease the pump hose internally and there is no vacuum pump required.


A ~0.2m­³ hopper that falls directly into a 4” pipe to the pump inlet, meaning pulling air into the pump is a worry you wont have with an IHS truck. at a height of 1250mm, it is low enough for normal mixers to discharge into.


On the truck are 80m of lightweight 3″ rubber hoses, accessible behind the dropside doors. Each hose weighs just 23kg making this truck a true “one man” operation.


*Boom not included

Buy this truck today!