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Due to increased demand, IHS have developed a heavy duty cheesewedge body. The cheesewedge ramp system will be available on 18T-32T chassis. The double ramp can fold flat, or the ramp can be stowed vertically. This vehicle is a real dream for building contractors and construction companies. At IHS, we are leaders in the mfg industry, and the 32T Heavy duty cheesewedge body is a brilliant example of our bespoke manufacturing process and our industry-leading engineering and construction.

As standard this truck comes with:

  • 2x double folding ramps to create the iconic ‘cheesewedge’ shape
  • Double bend beavertail body
  • 1x 1000mm Toolbox
  • Automatically deploying stability leg
  • 16x Heavy duty lashings
  • 2x cupboards integrated into headboard accessible from front and sides
  • Access ladder with grab handles on headboard
  • Fall arrest posts and tensioned webbing

We offer bespoke engineering and bespoke fabrication services, so we can alter this truck to your individual requirements. Calling all engineering companies, manufacturing companies and building contractors – Contact us today to discuss your brand new truck!

  • 32T Heavy Duty Cheesewedge Body
  • 32T Heavy Duty Cheesewedge Body
  • 32T Heavy Duty Cheesewedge Body

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