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IHS UK LTD is a Sheffield based bespoke engineering provider servicing a multitude of different industries. We specialize in the design and integration of Manufacturing, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electrical Systems and Bespoke software meaning we offer a full turnkey service from 1 factory. No need to outsource your project to multiple different suppliers, we will bring your ideas to life all in house, under 1 roof!

I - Integration


The traditional approach to building a powerpack would be to first find a company to design it, then find a company to build the frame, then find a company to fit the hydraulics, then find a company to fit the electrics and finally somebody to commission it. IHS integrate all of these processes under 1 roof, meaning when you come to us, it is all taken care of, from the initial problem/idea, right through to the delivery, everything is completed in house by a diverse team of skilled engineers.

H - Hydraulics

Marine powerpack

Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electrical systems, Bespoke Software and Bespoke Fabrication are all taken care of. We only use the best components and it shows, our machines leave the factory and we very rarely see them again, it’s the meticulous attention to detail that really sets us apart from the competition.

S - Solutions

Single Belt

It isn’t hard to describe what we do at IHS, it’s hard to describe what we don’t do, no project is to big or too small, easy or too complicated. All we need from you is an idea or a problem that needs fixing, we will sort the rest! Look at the Single Belt Truck above. A prestigious road maintenance company came to us and explained there were some sites that tippers simply couldn’t be used on due to overhead constraints, as well as some sites where tippers were banned! They asked us to come up with a solution. It was so successful, at the beginning of 2021 we began a mass production effort of these trucks which has seen plenty of happy customers!

We Don’t Just Build!

We don’t just build at IHS, we also refurb, refit and service your existing machinery! Meaning whatever your needs, there is some way that IHS can accommodate!

Our distributorship with Overmat means we are the UK’s sole supplier of these fantastic Liquid & Traditional screed machines. Place your order for an Overmat today and you will not be disappointed! Overmat has become a key player in the research and development of solutions for improving construction industry operations. Their systems enable the precise, efficient and rapid production of the widest range of materials required for the floor finishes needed on construction sites, whether they be base slabs or screeds for flooring. IHS UK LTD will support you throughout the life cycle of the machine, ready to offer you advice and information aimed ay achieving the maximum performance of your Overmat system. We are aware of the importance of after sales service that supplies the spare parts in a short time; for this reason we keep out warehouse stocked ready to supply to you, the customer.

IHS & Mixamate

IHS design and manufacture all of the Mixamate lorries you will have seen driving around London (and beyond). The only truck you can buy that both mixes and pumps concrete on site. It’s not just style with these trucks, they work almost non stop and as we said before, once something leaves our factory, it’s very rare we ever see it again! You can put your trust in IHS UK LTD.

Mixamate Conqueror

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